The Best Carpet Installation Services in Ham Lake City, Minnesota

A bare wooden floor

Photo by Digital Buggu Don Nash Flooring is the leading service for carpeting installation in Ham Lake, Minnesota. With their wide range of carpet options and professionalism, clients will never be found wanting! For folks in the Ham Lake region looking to freshen up and beautify their home with a properly installed carpet, Don Nash Flooring is […]

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Signs That Your Carpet Needs Repairing And Re-Stretching

A woman’s legs on top of a table while holding a TV remote.

Photo by cottonbro Carpets are an excellent addition to any space. It’s one of those flooring types that offers a wide variety of material, style, and insulation options. Carpets are exclusive indoor flooring that provides many benefits. It is comfortable and adds beauty to a room due to its impressive array of colors and patterns. […]

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Carpet Installation: Things to Keep in Mind

man applying finishing touches on carpet

From the musty old carpet smell, which you can not seem to vacuum away, to the fading fibers, there are many reasons to replace your old carpets and start fresh with a carpet that fits your lifestyle. But before your carpet installers head over for the big switch, it is essential to prep your home […]

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Is Hardwood Flooring the Perfect Choice for Your Interior?

photo of a floor with text

People first notice floors when they walk in that front door. With its versatility and aesthetic appeal, installing hardwood flooring is the perfect flooring type to meet and greet people as they come walking in. Hardwood speaks of the countryside, that rustic, comfy, warm appeal that brought up images of cabins, woods, and everything earthy. […]

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