Carpet Installation: Things to Keep in Mind

man applying finishing touches on carpet

From the musty old carpet smell, which you can not seem to vacuum away, to the fading fibers, there are many reasons to replace your old carpets and start fresh with a carpet that fits your lifestyle. But before your carpet installers head over for the big switch, it is essential to prep your home for a day of construction – lending a hand to your carpet installation team simultaneously.

So you have had or will soon be installing new carpet at your business or home, and your new flooring will undoubtedly inspire new life into your surroundings. However, be reminded of a few things following your installation. 

Improper carpet installation can bedevil homeowners or facility managers for years. Getting a carpet installation project right is the foundation for long carpet life. But getting the correct carpet installation means understanding some rules about carpet installation procedures.

Not following proper carpet installation procedures can diminish the homeowner or facility manager’s credibility, as occupants may have to disrupt comfort or work schedules (respectively) to accommodate repairs.

Carpet Expectations As It Settles Overtime

In the weeks or months after installation, you may observe some changes in your carpet. Most of these are common and routine and will not affect the carpet’s appearance or life. Here are what to anticipate as the carpet settles over time:

  • Shedding. Carpet shedding is one of the most familiar episodes in new carpets. The ditching of loose fibers is normal and should recede with regular vacuuming.
  • Sprouting. Cut it off if a single tuffet or tuft extends beyond the carpet’s surface. Never pull it out, as this could harm the carpet.
  • Pile reversal or shading. A seeming change in color occurs in various parts of the carpet, caused by light being reflected differently as pile fibers are bent in different directions. This is a characteristic of plush carpets and is not a defect.
  • Wrinkling. If ripples occur, dial right away your carpet installer. It may be imperative to professionally re-stretch the carpet.
  • Filtration. This one is not common for a new carpet. This usually appears as dark or grayish lines or soil marks on the room’s edges, stairs, or doorways. Filtration arises due to poor ventilation systems and pollutants in the air, which may be filtered or trapped in the carpet. Filtration (or soiling) can be avoided by frequently vacuuming, specifically the edges. Contaminants are also reduced by avoiding smoking inside the house, burning candles, and keeping interior doors open for better ventilation. However, if filtration or soiling occurs, it is best to contact your local carpet cleaning professionals for water extraction treatment.

Choosing The Right Carpet Installer

You may notice these things about your new or old carpet. If you have any additional questions and when you are ready to find a new carpet for your Ham Lake, Minnesota (or surrounding areas) home or office, contact Don Nash Flooring. Their Team of experts will let you know all the options and walk you through the process from selection to installation and beyond. 

Moreover, Don Nash Flooring also makes Mobile Carpet Sales in Minnesota. They bring the warehouse to you with mobile carpet sales! Shopping for new flooring has never been this convenient. They help you select quality carpets in the comfort of your own home. They will bring samples from most major carpet mills, providing you with thousands of options in various textures, patterns, plushies, and colors. In addition, their industry expertise can help you determine what carpet works best for each room of your home. They have a deep knowledge of the different types of carpet on the market and understand that some rooms require a softer carpet while stain resistance and durability are most important in others.

Once you select, they install your choice quickly and professionally. Your carpet installation company will likely supply detailed instructions on what to do—and more importantly, what not to do—after installation. And when you hire the best carpet installer in your area, you should never have to wonder what to expect on the big day. From the free quote to the final vacuum, your Team should put you at ease so you can enjoy your freshly designed room.