Is Hardwood Flooring the Perfect Choice for Your Interior?

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People first notice floors when they walk in that front door. With its versatility and aesthetic appeal, installing hardwood flooring is the perfect flooring type to meet and greet people as they come walking in.

Hardwood speaks of the countryside, that rustic, comfy, warm appeal that brought up images of cabins, woods, and everything earthy. When your home is made up of hardwood flooring, you could almost feel transported to a different place that exudes camping and the great outdoors. The question is, is hardwood flooring the right one for your home? Is it the type of flooring that meets your needs for interior design? More importantly, is hardwood flooring perfect for your aesthetic and functional requirements from a floor type?

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Types of hardwood flooring

Hardwood is one of the most beautiful and elegant types of flooring that’s been around for ages. Wood is a natural, flexible, versatile material that can be used along almost with anything and everything. As an interior accessory or the main element of interior design, nobody could go wrong with incorporating wood into their décor or furnishings.

There are so many types of hardwood flooring in the market that people need to keep an open mind and look at each carefully, especially regarding the variety of wood species. Below are some commonly used, market-popular types of hardwood species to choose from.


Oak is one of the most well-liked options of hardwood species for flooring. Homeowners who are after sustainable, durable, hygienic, and longevity wood flooring should go with oak. Oak floors are undemanding to maintain and clean and have a timeless, sophisticated beauty that can’t go wrong with any interior design. Surprisingly, this hard-wearing floor type is also resistant to insect and fungal infestation, making it cost-efficient and a money-saver for repairs and maintenance.


This luxurious, deep red tone flooring type is one for the books! Cherry hardwood flooring is a crowd favorite for those after that distinctive natural reddish, auburn glow reminiscent of sunlight and afternoon smolder. Cherry flooring adds that romantic touch to an interior for those who are into the whole gamut of mystery, history, and romance, making the room feel like it has life and character.

But there is more to cherry floorings than just natural beauty. Cherry floorings are also low-maintenance, easy to clean, and perfect for sound acoustics. This flooring type can bounce sound from its surface, creating a surround-sound environment perfect for a night of entertainment, watching movies, listening to music, or even having parties.


Maple hardwood flooring is a popular choice for contemporary living. Compared to oak, maple is denser, making it more durable to endure long wear and tear. Think of gym floors and bowling alleys to give you a clear picture of maple’s endurance. Maple wood can withstand damage over a long period. Plus, they’re also one of the most affordable species of lumber because of their growth abundance in the U.S.


Ash hardwood flooring is perfect for homeowners who want that balance between hardness and softness. Ash wood has just the right amount of hardness to its surface to endure heavy foot traffic but is soft and comfortable enough at the same time to walk and stand barefoot.

Ash hardwood flooring is commonly found in upscale houses because of its stylish appeal. Ash is recognizable by its light color and warm, natural, wood-grained look. Installing ash hardwood flooring can also increase your home value, making it a good investment!

Why go for hardwood flooring?

If you’re after a flooring design that’s practical yet appealing at the same time, then go for hardwood flooring. Designing with hardwood is both challenging and intriguing. It can spark the artistry and expressiveness of both homeowners and interior designers. To add it all up, here’s a run-through of the top benefits of hardwood flooring.

Stylish and Elegant

Yes, people are visual beings. That is why when people choose décors or furnishing, they go for those items or materials that are aesthetically pleasing. That’s what hardwood flooring has to offer. Wood, being a natural element, is already imbued with natural beauty. Its aesthetic quality can almost go with any style, from contemporary to classic and even to the chic, upper-echelon level of fashion style.


Hardwood floorings are typically made to sustain and endure for an extended time. They are easy to maintain and clean, making them resistant to most human-caused damages. They’re also durable against daily wear and tear of human use or foot traffic.

Great value for investment

Budget is a significant consideration when it comes to interior design. The good news is that there are such wide varieties of hardwood floorings to choose from that can fit any budget. There are hardwood floorings that are less expensive yet of a good standard. There are also the more expensive ones that provide more added value benefits. And even if hardwood floorings are a bit pricey, the quality of these floorings can still compensate since it all adds up and increases the house value.

Hardwood flooring has been around for a long time. It’s one type of design that no one can go wrong with incorporating into their home interior. Hardwood flooring can also complement other types of flooring, such as tiles flooring, carpet flooring, concrete flooring, etc. So, if you’re looking for that flooring design that’s got the best out of all worlds when it comes to design and decorating, then go for hardwood flooring.